New mixed flock @ 6 weeks - 3 suspected roos - help?

Discussion in 'What Breed Or Gender is This?' started by MySuburbanLife, Apr 8, 2016.

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    I picked up 12 'sexed' chicks from the feed store in early March. The bin was EEs, BOs, BRs, SLWs, Speckled Sussex, Partridge Rock, and Welsummer. I can't tell the PRs from the Welsummers because I'm new to those breeds. The others are fairly obvious as far as breed is concerned, but there are 3 chicks that I'm on Rooster Watch for.

    1. I'm an EE, and I'm a pretty boy. This one I'm 95% on-- thicker legs, comb started pinking up at 3 weeks, patches of color, red/copper coming in on wings and shoulders, and look at that tail!

    2. Both boys (?) together. The chick on the left is either a PR or a Welsummer (can anyone confirm?) and I'm 60% sure it's a roo. Early comb growth, and look at those wattles. I have a picture of my other PR/Welsummer who looks more like a pullet.

    3. Two SLWs with very differing coloring. One primarily black, one with much more white coming through on breast, throat, and head. Is the white one a roo and the black one a pullet?

    4. EE who looks mostly like a pullet, but the dark coloring on the head and problematic red patch on the wing have me worried. Pretty pullet, or unimpressive roo?

    5. PR/Welsummer probable roo. Yes?

    6. PR/Welsummer probable pullet. Yes? And SS next to her in the lower picture?
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    #1 does kind of look like a cockerel to me.
    #2 is a PR, and most likely a cockerel.
    #3 Wyandottes are a tough one for me, since I've got a Silver Penciled who is only 5 weeks old and has pink wattles. But I'm going to guess that light-colored SLW is a cockerel, and dark is a pullet.
    #4 looks like a pullet, in my opinion. She reminds me of Ava, one of our EEs, at that age! [​IMG]
    #5 PR cockerel, perhaps?
    #6 I would say PR pullet.

    These are just my takes, but I could very well be wrong. They're so cute, by the way! [​IMG]


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