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Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by gryeyes, Oct 5, 2009.

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    I bought four pullet chicks at a feed store, 3 of them were over a week old and one was 2 days old (last Thursday). I got 1 Ameraucana, 1 RIR, 1 Plymouth Rock - Barred, and the youngest chick is a Brahma. They were out of any older Brahmas because they are so popular, I guess.

    Anyway, there's already a pecking order: the Ameraucana bosses the others around. I've named her Hilary. The RIR is Rhoda, the Plymouth Rock is Rebecca, but the youngest hasn't demonstrated a unique personality yet, so I currently call her FuzzButt.

    I had to use a wire hanger to suspend the feeder so they couldn't kick too much litter into it; I put the waterer on a stack of flat shale rocks. Even FuzzButt can eat and drink without difficulty. The red heat lamp may make it a tad too warm for the older three (who have feathered wings already!) but FuzzButt needs the higher heat, still. Yes, I have a cool area of the brooder box for 'em.

    I put construction sand in a small dish for grit, because I discovered they will eat mealworms and bits of watermelon - even FuzzButt!

    Ameraucana - Hilary [​IMG]
    Plymouth Rock - Barred - Rebecca [​IMG]
    RIR - Rhoda [​IMG]
    Brahma - "FuzzButt" [​IMG]

    My tractor/coop is large enough for six to eight hens, I think. The interior upstairs part is 4 ft by 6 ft. Once all four have feathered all the way out, will they be comfortable in that space, or do I have an excuse to get a couple more "for company and extra body heat?"

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    If the store got those chicks from a hatchery, then your Americana is really an Easter Egger, EE for short. Also, I'm not sure Rhoda is a Rhode Island Red. I've never had them and don't know much about them, but I don't think they have white on them. Its probably just a type of sex link if it isn't a RIR. Someone more knowledgable who has had experience with them can tell you whether it is or not though.

    Are you all set on what to feed them, when to switch, etc?

    I'm not good with measurements, so just make sure that if your birds are going to be in there all the time or most of the time, they have 5 square feet per bird.
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    Hi! I've spoken with 2 honest-to-gosh chicken farmers who say that the minimum for the birds is 2 x 2 square feet per bird. This gives them enough room to not get aggrevated with each other.

    My enclosed coop space is 10 x 6 and I was advised that this is comfortable for up to 6 chickens.

    I've chosen to keep it smaller (less poop to clean up!) and go with 4.
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    Your RIR looks a lot like my Red Sex Link did when she was a chick. She has some white in among the red feathers.

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