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Mar 5, 2018
SWMO, Nixa
I'm considering a local purchase of a 4x8 coop with 4 Rhode island reds that are healthy and laying about 1 egg each per day. They're not used to being handled, which is fine, they will not be out of their run or the garden area due to our german shepherd. We live in the country and plan on building a very large run area for them in the following weeks. What should I look out for when I go for our adoption meeting tonight?
Do you mean as in health?
If so, realize that some people like to cheat others by giving them old chickens. It can be kind of hard to tell once they're adults how old they are, so make sure you check for a few things. First, look for alertness. Make sure that they have bright eyes and red wattles and combs. Also, watch for good activity, and you can check for mites and lice. Ask the person if they've had any diseases prior. Also, if you can find out their parents' history too, and that'd be great.
But most importantly, make sure that they're what you want! If you fall in love with them right there and then, get them! :)
Sorry, I forgot something. Check their vents. If they're wet and pink, they should be healthy.
Another thing that I've read about is a bleaching sequence. You can tell when a chicken last laid by looking at its bleaching sequence. You could probably search that up. It kind of takes a while to explain, but if you want me to I will late -- I've got to go soon. :welcome:yesss:
Yes, health, activity, disease, bleaching, etc.. Any advice at all. I'm currently reading up on the breed and what peculiarities I should watch for. I appreciate your response 12animals3! I'm being an optimist and hoping that these aren't used up girls. The couple selling them said they just don't have the space for them that they deserve.

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