New "momma" need advice!!


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7 Years
Aug 3, 2012
I have 3 bantam hens and a roo. 2 of my hens have been sharing 2 eggs (sitting) Only 1 hatched. TINY little healthy black baby. They seem to both play the momma role. Very cute...they both sleep with it ...feed it etc. I do not have them separated from the other hen and roo. It is now 3 days old and they are letting it roam around the pen with them. The roo doesn't seem real happy...he has pecked at it a couple times but nothing real aggressive. Wondering if I should try and separate them til the chick is older? Or would separating them then putting them back with the roo and other hen be more of a problem? This is my first time with a baby chick in the coop!

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