New mommy to two love birds~ Advice :)


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Mar 6, 2013

Hi I was just given an pair of lovebirds. They are fairly tame, once out of cage though hard to get :) as they thank freedom :) I would like to train them! Any advice? And what is food not to give them? I know not seeds, caffine, chocolate. Others? And just any advice. Also how do I go about a DNA test to know sex?

Brooklyn on left Cleo on Right!
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Oct 7, 2012
A great site for parrots
All of your question could be answered
I clip wings, everyone is different either letting them fly to walking around (clipped wings) as for me to much danger in the house for them to fly, keep your toilet shut, because they can fly in there and drown
Also cooking so many people had birds land in something that is cooking, so as for me I clip wings they really don't care or mine don't, they play on a play pen or walk around on the floor playing.

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