New Muscovy parent. How often do Muscovy lay? Monthly, few times a year? Help!


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Mar 26, 2014
West Michigan
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My Coop
Hello all from Michigan. I just obtained two beautiful Muscovy hens and would love to know some information I am having a hard time finding. How often do Muscovy lay eggs? I appreciate your help. I do have some duck experience. I do understand these Muscovys are somewhat un-duck?!


10 Years
Aug 31, 2009
My muscovies lay daily. Except when they are molting. They lay lovely, large eggs. They are the most likely of all the different ones I have and have had to go broody. Mine layed their clutch and then stopped laying until they stopped being broody. I took the eggs away. But they still stayed on the nests. I suggest that if you don't intend to let them hatch out the eggs, you find out how to discourage broodiness. I did not find it a whole lot of fun.

They are different from the other ducks. Mine don't really swim all that much. They will occasionally get in the pool, but like the large, flat pans of water better. They are the most calm of any duck I have ever seen. They are very personable. I was not a fan for a long time, but now think they are a wonderful breed.

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