new neighbor--new dogs--old solution

Discussion in 'Predators and Pests' started by panner123, Aug 14, 2010.

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    Last week we had a new neighbor move in with rottweilers. These dogs are left to run loose all the time. They killed the chickens next door and some down the road. Nobody home at the time. This morning they were across the road after Kathy's horses and chickens. I went down to get the owner, only to be told to go back home and stay inside. To bad the man doesn't know me any better, I told him if the dogs were still there when I got home, he would hear 2 loud noises and then he could come get his dead dogs. As I was about to leave we heard 2 loud noises, Kathy beat me to it. He asked what that was and I told him someone just shot his dogs. When he showed up, he said he was calling the police. Kathy said no need and showed him her ID and badge. Then she proceeded to inform him of life in the country. That he owed Kelly for her chickens and any other dead animals that his dogs had killed. In the event of him replacing his dogs, he would be held responsible for any dead livestock. The dumbie still called sheriff anyway, only to be arrested for growing pot on his property. Which he said was the reason for moving here and the dogs. Guess he will be moving back to the city when he gets out of jail.
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    Wow! Gotta LOVE country life! I always feel bad for animals with bad owners though.
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    people are stupid.
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    HOLY CRUD!!! thats all I can say---very short story with ALOT of pnuch! good for you guys and what an idiot he is !
  5. I hate the death of a dog, but its the responsibility of the owner to keep their dogs confined and if the dogs are dangerous to animals and people and not in their own property darn right they should be put down by someone who has the gumption and responsibility the owner lacks.

    Glad you guys took care of some problem dogs, and my sympathies to the chicken owners who lost their chickens.
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    Wow. Some people are dumb. He was growing pot, and got involved with the police by his own coice. [​IMG] Idiot..
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    Not that the dogs got shot but the idiot called the sheriff and got busted for growing pot on top of his dogs killing livestock. What a moron!
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    He should be on Smoking Guns Worlds Stupidest People. Because that is about as stupid as it gets.
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    Quote:[​IMG] Called sheriff with pot on his property? Obviously he used what he grew and killed his brain cells!
  10. oldchickenlady

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    Quote:You can't cure it either!

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