New neighbor


May 23, 2020
Elyria, Ohio
So my neighbor 3doors down has a new girlfriend that doesn't like my roosters. She informed me of this by calling animal control and coming to my house when Drake and Jonie ( I worked at the apl so I know them) arrived to tell me about her complaint screaming about my stupid roosters crowing so I listened to them explain to her that their's nothing they can do there is no law prohibiting me from having roosters because we live in a township or law stating how many I can have I looked at Jonie and snarkally said there is only 20roosters Jonie she chuckled then caught herself so when she left Jonie and Drake both laughed it was funny so then when Mr. Smith got home from work they came down and apologized for her behavior and he said it wouldn't happen again directed at her

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