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Jun 11, 2020
Moore County NC
Hello BYC new member here from the old north state. I am not new to having chickens but I am no expert by any means. My first flock was by chance and I didn't know what I was getting in too. I found 4 meat chickens at the boat ramp but didn't know anything about them at that time. I brought them home and started building a coop at the request of my wife. I thought since I found them in the woods they would be fine on my property......well a few days passed and chickens went missing. I was in trouble! This all took place in 2014. Long story short I built my first coop in a hurry and saved 3 of the 4. Then lost another. Soon we were down to one Mr Bojangles. The wife felt bad for Bojangles being all alone. That's when we got 4 laying hens from a friend. The Lucy's as they where all named were Rhode Island Reds and that started the addiction. After a couple years and the birth of our first child we gave up and gave our birds to a friend. Two of wich are still alive and laying today.

That brings us to March of 2020. I had been planting the seeds of a new flock in my wife's ear for a couple years. The coop was still in the yard and we used the run as a garden. She had been more than reluctant. Then one day she couldn't find eggs at the grocery. I finally had a win in my column. I had permission to get chicks! We started with 10 Rhode Island Red pullets. One didn't make week 3. Then we picked up a straight run of Welsummer. So our current flock is 11 pullets and 2 cockerel.

I love watching the flock grow, and am amazed at the instincts that I previously thought birds were taught. I really appreciate how my daughters are learning responsibilities and where their food comes from.

I love the outdoors, I love to hunt and fish. I love to spend time with my two little girls and get them outside in nature.

I am a full time mechanic working at a Honda dealer. Trying to raise a family off one income and doing everything I can to earn extra income. My wife is a stay at home mom raising our girls at home. I wouldn't change that for anything in the world. I thank the lord every day for this opportunity.

I found BYC on a google search years ago and have learned so much from this forum.

I will try and edit this post in the coming days with photos of the old and new flocks and coops.

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