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    May 6, 2010
    I have 7 old girls (year old) who get along well. I have tried every trick in the book (and on here) for getting my new girls to be accepted by my old girls, but it's not working. (They older ones have attacked and killed 2 of them and the remaining 3 are being tolerated, but that's it.) These chickens have 2 separate flocks. They don't hang out together at all when they have free range. That's fine.... but, here's the deal. I have a coop attached to an enclosed run. The old girls will let the young ones in to eat and drink and occasionally walk around, but they won't tolerate them going in there to lay, roost, or sleep at night. I finally bought a mini rabbit hutch for the 3 new girls to have a place in the enclosed run.

    Question: Should I get rid of the hutch in the run and just force the girls to finally go inside to lay and sleep. (I think they would stay outside in a huddle instead and lay on the ground instead.) I'm worried when it gets winter and snow on the ground, these 3 new chickens won't survive inside the coop 24/7.

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    boy that's tough one, all bump.

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