New order arrived, 5/6 made it to Maine


9 Years
May 24, 2010
Southern Maine
I am in love with my new bantam flock, but the process has been downcast because of a chick lost at delivery (Quail Belgian D'Anver.) If anyone in the Gorham Maine area has an extra bantam chick that they are willing to sell that is in the day old to week old range please let me know. Here are pictures of the babies that did make it.

Aria: Buff Silkie

Cadence: Easter Egger

Carmen: Mille Fleur D'Uccle

Isolde: Blue Silkie

Hazel: Welsummer
We lost sweet little Isolde, my heart still aches for her. We got three new chicks today to level out our numbers a bit more

From Left To Right: Namine (White Silkie), Rose (Japanese Bantam - are they supposed to have five toes?), and Celestia (White Silkie).

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