New Orleans LA 5 bantam chicks--free to good home

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    Jun 25, 2008
    New Orleans, LA
    5 bantam chicks, hatched in a backyard flock in New Orleans, Louisiana, are looking for a new home. They are a few weeks old now and have been receiving great care from mother hen, but there isn't room for any more chickens in this backyard! They will be great little egg layers and wonderful companions. They've been raised on organic chick starter from a mill in Texas. They'll be ready to move to a new home in mid-May.

    Please contact Pam at 504-460-6406.
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    Quote:Sent you a PM. I'm in Baton ROuge.
  3. AWWW look! Its more of my peeps! Howdy fellow Cajuns [​IMG]

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