New ostracized chicken, winter storm, chicken turned evil - Help...!

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    Nov 1, 2011
    Big problem, three problems actually that I can't solve -- my friend's flock of chickens were all killed by a couple of retarded dogs, except one older chicken, Zelda. We took her in and put her in the coop with my four young chickens at night and everything, so that my chickens would be more accepting of her in the day. They weren't -- they plucked out tons of her feathers and jumped and pecked at her so bad that I built a division in their closed run and brought out my rabbits winter hutch for Zelda to sleep in. They can see each other, but can't really reach through the chicken wire. We were going to wait a week to slowly reintroduce her (they are still very hostile towards poor Zelda , even through the wire).
    Second problem, winter is rolling in, putting a time limit (a few days) on the whole introduction thing. We've had our first small storm the other day which dumped only four inches or so on the ground (no problem for the chickens), but the "big one" is due this Friday. I'm afraid Zelda won't survive without huddling up with the other chickens. Plus, with this winter weather, the rabbit needs his hutch back so HE can survive too.
    The THIRD and final problem is that ever since the cold weather started and Zelda came, my normally sweet Golden Comet has gotten a taste for plucking one of my Australorps bald on her thighs and the sides of her neck. She haven't done anything like this since was a chick. I've put extra calcium (shells) and protein (cat food) out, but its now so bad that I've locked her up. Plus, instead of greeting and cuddling up to me, she mostly hisses. So confused...she's always been the sweetheart!!!

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