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Feb 15, 2011
Hello everyone

Just wanted to introduce myself .. My Name is Steph I was pretty big into playing farmville on facebook until recently when some friends informed me of a immoral food bill on the table that would make producing my own foods illegal , I'm not going to get into that ....not to mention how unbelievably expensive food is getting , I decided to do something about it instead of complain . My Hubz & I decided to work on our own Backyard Farmville project IRL focusing on Chickens , rabbits , a tilapia pond and a permaculture garden
we've been working for the past 2 weeks on our Coop and chicken run

I have 10 -8 week old chickies some new Hampshire's , some Rhode Islands , 2 black silkies and 1 Buff who is my fav fat little thing... two of these are roosters , not sure what to do about that yet ...they are not bothering anyone so far of course we've had these guys for 3 weeks

I also have 6 day old Cornish Rocks and 2 red day old pullets

3 new Zealand baby bunnies that are 6 days weaned

When I figure out how to post pics here I'll put up some of our progress but for Now I'm so in love with these little peckers I just can not stop talking about them , they are insanely awesome !


Wife of 21yrs , mom to three<19,15,5> Our Real life Backyard Farmville project (since I'm new they won't let me post my blog yet , I'll post that soon too lol )
Basically, governments are all about .... controlling stuff. So talk keeps floating around that the gov't will want us to microchip all our animals, pay taxes on them, or somehow they'll be kept track of so the gov't knows what we have. And it keeps going back and forth. Gov't just plain doesn't have the manpower to enforce a lot of its laws, but it can bluster and threaten a lot, maybe make an example of a few people (which always backfires, push people and they push back) so ...... frankly I'd not worry about it.

BUT, producing your own food is great! It's not necessarily cheaper than supermarket food in fact it's generally more expensive. But the quality is much higher and when you're growing your own veggies you get a lot more of them into your diet.
Forget the cute little peckers -- how about posting pix or an avatar of your user name!
(From a fellow belly dancer...)

I'd like to hear how your permaculture plans and how you might integrate your chickens into it. Welcome!

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