New owner of 7 Rhode Island Reds in Springfield, MO


7 Years
Oct 26, 2012
Hello all,

I recently became the new caretaker of 7 Rhode Island Red layers. I have never raised chickens or lived in the country. Last Sunday I brought my new chickens home. I had to scramble to get some way to contain them at night, so I purchased a dog run 6' x 10' x 6' high for cheap at Lowes. I still need to build a 'permanent' structure inside this 'coop' as they are nesting in boxes on a table. My plans are to build a Wichita Cabin Coop next year once the weather warms up.

For now I am just feeding them Nutrena feed which will not be a permanent choice. I have posted to this forum for people who would like to go in on some soy-free, organic layer food.

As I am an avid reader can anyone suggest a good, comprehensive book on raising layers?
Welcome! I'm a new-comer here myself, so I don't have too much advice to offer yet. We based our coop and run off of the Wichita coop also, with some modifications. We made the coop/run L shaped with a square roof that covers the whole thing so we can be out in the rain/snow tending to the coop and still have some cover. I'm going to try to post some pictures of it this weekend. We have 2 RIRs, 2 Black Australorps, a Barred Rock and a Speckled Sussex. They are all about 7 months old now and we are getting 4 eggs most days. The Reds I think have both started laying almost every day, and both of mine seem to be early morning layers too.
Welcome! I love my RIRs! I'm worried about how my Texas girls will do as it gets colder (yeah, we're in the low 80s these days, brrrr!) so keep in touch with your posts about your new friends!!

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