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Mar 9, 2018
Hi, I have recently gotten a button quail, he is currently being housed with canary's. Its a bit of a strange question but have you ever heard of quail being scared of the dark? He is pretty confidant and doesn't get worried by things such as the vacuum or loud noises but he will randomly panic in the middle of the night. Tends to be fairly soon after putting the lights out. We are looking at getting him a mate now that we know he is a male and hope that will stop these random night terrors.

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Apr 20, 2015
It's actually pretty common with buttons. I had them in my room at one point and actually experienced that the night frights were worse if there was a light on outside my window or the moon was shining brightly - if the darkness was near total it didn't happen as much.
But if yours does it even in total darkness, you might need to add a light so he can actually see his surroundings to make him stop. I have a strip of blue led's in one of my cages, which turns on in the evening and stays on all night, to keep them calm. Works like a charm.
Getting him a friend might work, but several of mine have had night freights despite not being alone.


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Oct 25, 2015
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Might check to make sure it's not a bug in there with him. A cock roach got into my brooder one time and they went crazy....took awhile to find the dang bug, Every time I turned the light on the roach would hide under the shavings.:lau

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