New parents of 3 baby chickens! Hatched today!

Discussion in 'Incubating & Hatching Eggs' started by LCARTER87, Mar 1, 2012.

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    We haven't hatched eggs before, but we got a broody hen, and purchased some fertile eggs and we are lucky enough that today, day 22 we have 3 hatched babies! One bantam, one easter egger and one maran! Our question is right now they are under the momma who is still SO broody! They are all in the nesting box but we want to remove the babies so they will have food and water, plus there are still eggs under her that may possibly hatch.

    How warm does it have to be for the babies to be okay under a heat lamp? We went and purchased an 80watt heat lamp today from the feed store, got them some medicated chick start, electro lights for their water and a large plastic box for them to keep safe in. We have 2 heat lamps in there and a baby heater going, we havent removed them yet. Does anyone have any pointers for us!? We are new and want to do everything right for our babies!!
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    Unless it's extremely cold, the broody hen can tend the babies. They won't have to eat the first couple of days, absorbing the yolk will sustain them. She can continue to sit on the other eggs for a bit. Just keep your eye on her and the little ones.

    If you want to brood them on your own, I pay less attention to the temperature and more attention to the behavior of the chicks. Huddled chicks = too cold. Scattered chicks=too warm. Loud chirping=unhappy chicks. Contented peeping sounds=happy chicks.

    Make sure the waterer you offer itsn't too deep, chicks can drown in them. I place marbles in the waterer the first couple of days and they drink around them.

    Good luck and congratulations.


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