New peachicks


7 Years
May 30, 2012
I have never had peacocks before but over the weekend a friend brought me 4 peachicks. Apparently she had been in the woods over the weekend and found a dead mother. When they picked her up out came 9 chicks. She was only able to catch 4 the others got away. Since I have chickens she brought them to me. I have them in a brooder but what should I do? One of them looks like if his neck is twisted. Do they eat the same food as chickens? Should I raise them with the chickens? I read something about worming them? I have raised Guinea fowl before with chickens and since they have been raised with the chickens since they were chicks they don't roost in the trees they roost in the coop. Will this also happen with the peacocks if I raise them with the chicks? Sorry so many questions!!!
If you look at the top of this thread, you'll see a "sticky topic" - click on that & it'll take you to basic peafowl care 101 -- scroll through that for info on what to feed your chicks, housing, worming, etc. it has a ton of information on it. You might also cruise the UPA (United Peafowl Association) website for more info.

Bless you for taking those babies in & good luck with them!
Thank you for all your info! Here is an update I recently placed a bantam hen in with the 4 and last night when I checked on them they were around and under her. It was so cute ! Her kids are almost bigger than her LOL

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