New pecking order...


9 Years
Sep 10, 2010
So my 3 cockerels will be picked up within the hr,
, and since the two older were 1 and 2 in the order I'm guessing a new pecking order "dance" will take place. About how long until the new pecking order is set? I have 1 hen I want to introduce to the 4 pullets left, but I think I should let the new pecking order bet set before......or should I take advantage of the "madness" and introduce her now?

Thanks in advance....
Yeah I would just add them all and only go through it once. How many cockerel and pullet/hen will you have? If you have too many cockerel it will be very rough on your girls and it could delay egg laying.
I have none left...I'm a city boy playing farm!!!
..... I wish I was able to keep at least I have 4 pullets left about 13 weeks and the new one is about I guess it makes sence to go thru it just once....thanks!

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