New Pekins- Slightly Worried about One


Nov 11, 2019
Rhode Island
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My Coop
Yesterday I received a lot of helpful information for caring for my incoming order of three day-old Pekins that were expected months ahead of plan. Today they came in and I was happy to see them all alive and moving about. They quickly got right to eating and drinking within the brooder. I have two thermometers on either side of the brooder: one reading about 90 degrees and one reading about 80. The ducks seem to hang out around the edge of the heat lamp and move around for food and water. From what I learned yesterday, this seems to mean the brooder is at an appropriate temperature.

The only issue is one of the ducklings occasionally places its head on the ground while sitting instead of keeping it's head propped up like the others. I've only seen this a couple times... usually he's walking around eating and drinking with the others or sitting with his head propped up. I don't know if I'm being overtly cautious but if it's something like wry neck or limberneck I'd like to get on it as early as possible. Could it be because they were not fed until they arrived at my home?

Any feedback is greatly appreciated... also photos attached because I had to share.

ducklings_eat.jpg duck_pile.jpg
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