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    Apr 22, 2011
    ok we finished our new i guess you call it a chicken run, anyway we finished the new one yesterday. We moved the old coop in there. Well we havent taken down the old run all the way yet. This morning when I let the girls out Petunia ran to the old run and was walking around looking I guess for her place she used to lay eggs[​IMG]. But its the old coop which is in the new run. There was an egg from yesterday I just put it in the coop and put her in there and she is in there laying. My question is how long will it take them to realize where to go to bed and lay? We are planning to take the old run down. Will that speed up the process or should we just stick close by them for egg laying and sleep time to set them in there till they get it? [​IMG]
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    Take the old run down if that's what you plan to do.
    Wherever they are sleeping at night will be their new coop/run area.
    It only took my chickens one day to figure it out, but it may take some a few days or a week.
    Eventually, they all settle in.

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