New pens!!!!


12 Years
Apr 20, 2009
South GA
Here is my new pens for my heavy breeds.
I'm curious how you handle "outdoor" time, if any, when you are raising several different breeds. Do you let one breed free range at a time, do you let them all free range together except for the roosters, or do they stay in their pens all the time? (I see they get plenty of fresh air in their pens.) I often see photos of peoples breeding pens but I don't understand this aspect of selective breeding.
Thanks This is actually the back side of my fathers tractor shelter. I have been asked by friends for certain breeds so we decided to divide them up. We are in the process of building 6 more. each pen i about 5' by 11'.
Wow your pens look just like mine. Only my are runs like that (even the same doors) with coops attached.

My runs don't have nice a nice roof like yours does though.

My runs are 6'x15' and 12'x15'. My attached coops are 4'x'4, and 6'x8'.

Also my pens are build on a hill so the top isn't flat and straight. Each pen it steps down. So it doesn't look nearly as neat and tidy.

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