New pheasant pen, could be a coop as well.

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    Over the past two days, I built a pen for a trio of Red Golden Pheasants. The pen still needs to be landscaped inside and out, but the structure itself is finished. I am posting it here because I feel it could become a coop with a few modifications. I have gotten so many great ideas here on BYC and I want to do my part to share ideas.

    The overall footprint of the pen is 8X12. The roof is half wire and half used metal roofing. The side walls on the enclosed part are roughly 3 feet. The pen is roughly 6 ft tall. I let the matrials I was using dictate the sizes rather than deciding on a size, making the materials fit and then having a lot of waste. The yard where the pen sits is surrounded by a four strand electric fence, otherwise I would not have used poultry netting for the sides.

    I am considering a similar design as a breeding pen for a few hens and a roo.



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    looks good, but if its permanent you may want to consider more protection around the base. like digging wire down or something like that cause something could get in there really easy at the moment. even if there is an electric fence. But thats just me, i ran an open bottomed chicken tractor far away from our house in a field next to woods with no issues, but that was only temporary. Its up to you i guess.
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    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    I can't focus on the pen because of the beautiful rolling hills in the background [​IMG]

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