New pics of my poorly UPDATE..... Chickie passed away:-(


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Oct 4, 2010
Just a few pics of my baby, I bought 7 bantam eggs and as the seller only had 6 I have no idea what breed this chick is all I know is he was very sick but is getting better by the day

this is just as she/he was born on Saturday evening

this is this morning
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forgot to say, as there was only 6 avaliable shes sent a random 7th big brown egg. All the rest were little teeny eggs and came out like this

OMG i'm suprised it lived! It looks like some yolk that didn't fully dissolve..(or however u say it..) your lucky! I don't know but sure it a cutie!
Wow theres some strange things going on with your first 2 babies, i never seen anything like the first and the 2nd has duck feet, where on earth did these egss come from?
She didn't absorb the yolk properly when she was born and was really weak. She also has spraddled legs and curled toes. Was a bit of a lost cause when she hatched but we helped her and she is a real fighter. She still has the open wound but it's healing nicely I'm still worried about infection but we shall see.

The other chicks are little bantams I have no idea what she is
Thought I would update you on my poorly chickie. She is doing marvelous. Ive removed her plasters today and her legs are a still wobbly but better than they were. I might replaster her legs later but definatly not her feet. Shes growing her new feathers in nicely and is a real sweetie.

She is eating a drinking and never shuts up. When I knock on the glass she is so nosey and comes to look. Shes still scabby on her tummy and totally bald on her bum but I dont mention it incase shes self conscious

A real big up yours to all the people who told me to cull the day she was born.

Well I hope shes a she,

this was just after I took off the plasters. Shes still wide legged but running everywhere.

just at another angle
I would have done the same thing. I can never kill injured/sick babies if they have a will to live. I even raise and breed rats for my snake but only feed it the mean ones and recently I had a baby born and the mother died because of labor complications so I had to feed the baby rat with a medicine dropper and keep it on a heat pad. It didn't make it but at least I tried.

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