New Pictures of some of my goats


12 Years
Feb 21, 2007
Grenada, MS
Jasmine with her new baby (we are calling her midnight until her new owner picks a name)


She was a week old Tues. and is the sweetest animal on the planet. She follows me everywhere, will crawl into my lap and go to sleep or just play and love to nuzzle my face and neck and ears. Here is one of she and I:


And I have not had a chance to upload the rest, but will add them once I do.

Nigerian Dwarf. Thanks.

Edited to add more pics:

The twins born 3 weeks ago. Skye (the darker one) and Mystic (the lighter one)


A couple more of the little chocolate doe (you can see how her face is lightening up already.



Hard to take good pics because they follow you around wanting food. lol

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Thanks. I am sure there is someone closer to you. Do a search on NDGA, AGS or ADGA websites.

Or just go to one of the goat forums.

Marie, do you milk your Nig. Dwarfs? I am having trouble finding a full size milker here, but have found several of these. I know that these are popular for milking with some folks, or so I read, but I have no first hand experience with them. If you milk them do they really put out enough milk ? I keep reading conflicting things on the amount. I've read everything from a quarter of what a full size goat puts out, to three quarters the same amount.
Well, I don't really milk mine but I have in the past just to alleviate a doe who was too full or to get the extra collostrum to save in case we had a problem with a future kidding. It was fairly easy to milk them. I used a drenching gun with a large syringe cylinder attached to use for the suction because I have trouble with my hands. Much like the e-z milker you find online. But I made it myself. I think the amount of milk they make for their size is great but I don't know how they compare to full size goats because I have never had a full size goat. I also think it depends on the goat and how many times a day you milk and the type of food they get etc. You can talk to other nigerian owners though on and see what info you can get there.


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