New pigeons...what color?


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Sep 14, 2008
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I can't remember what he called them but I know it was referring to their white heads. However, I'm sure they are something other than the 'bald' thing he said. So please tell me what color these 2 new rollers are! How will these colors react with the colors of my other birds?

hoping at least 1 is a male, currently I have 2 males and 4 females

Oops, a picture would help


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Shelly baldhead is incomplete dominant. Meaning if you cross to non baldheads you could have birds with varying degrees of white. You will get alot of badges and beards. Which have a solid head with white patches on the chin and cheaks. Some will have a few white flight and tail feathers others more. White spreads. I think the younger wone actually looks like dirt blue bar with a little bronzing. But hard to tell in the pic. They look nice.
New pics would be great
The one on the right looks like it could be a sooty brown. Doesn't look right for a blue, but the picture is misleading. Could be a dirty, sooty blue. Although dirty should make the skin darker.
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