New predator enters the picture


9 Years
Jul 22, 2010
Up til now we've had plenty of varmints to worry with; rats, weasels, skunk, black snakes, 'possum, 'coon, stray dogs, red and gray fox, hawks, owls, feral cats. Enter the coyote. A few nights ago I heard 'em for the second time this year. Sounds like five or six - can't be sure. One thing I can be sure of, 12 guage double ought buckshot kept nearby just in case. I am just finishing my chicken facilities and am now working on the outside run. You can bet it will be solid as a fort when finished. Just another thing to cause me more work and worry, and delay in getting my chickens. Hrmph. Too many people fail to understand the cunning and strength and variety of chicken killers lurking out there. That's why there are so many sad stories about loss. Don't cut corners when building your coop. I always say if I can't break in it myself, it is getting close to being safe. Many of the dangerous animals I've mentioned need but the smallest hole to squeeze into - much smaller than many people can imagine. Over the years, I've learned the hard way.
I can't say enough good things about an LGD, though...even with the Fort Knox of coops & runs...having a good LGD (or three) does wonders!
No problems here as of yet....knock on wood. But I bought a trap for a raccoon. Then today my neighbor told me her son spotted what he thought was a bobcat on the back side of their property. Going to look for a bigger trap.....never lived in the country before this and it is a real learning experience!
Strong covered run, apron, strong and secure coop, electric fencing, LGDs, shotgun, and then pray the bears don't come!
Also, make sure you clear all brush & stuff away from your coop...tall grass, overhanging tree limbs, etc all create places for a predator to safely "work" at getting in while under cover. I do have a large shade tree but it's too far away for something to use to get into the coop. I also have a wisteria planted right along side it but I just invested in a 100' x 10' piece of nylon bird netting that I'll be using to reinforce the tops of my runs....the wisteria is planted for summertime shade since the pens on the south side of the coop get the morning & afternoon sun beating down on them.

I have lawn on three sides of my main coop and the round pen on the other...




Agree, especially if it is a pair with pups. They will move around to sound off to establish a territory. As long as they aren't bothering you, leave them be.

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