New pullet bullying

May 28, 2020
Bonney Lake, Washington
Gah I’m so stressed about integrating our new pullets! They’re about 11 weeks now and hang out outside during the day, then sleep inside at night. They’ve been getting used to the big girls for several weeks and typically all do great together.

They have this big run extension that has plenty of space and plenty of spaces for the littles to hide. They have lots to do - places for perching, dirt baths, a raised bed they like to destroy. Multiple feeders and waterers. Yet two of the existing girls continue to be bullies every few days. I know some of this is to be expected and try not to intervene since it hasn’t gotten bad yet.

Just yesterday, our older Silkie unexpectedly ripped a huge beak-full of feathers from one of the new girl’s backs and drew blood. I separated them and now I’m just frustrated, I don’t know how to do an integration any different but don’t want them to get hurt. 😭


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I'm sorry this is happening! Chicken politics are brutal. I usually don't intervene... unless there's blood.

I've had similar problems. I followed some advice I got on BYC, and it helped. Separate the bully for a while to "reset" the pecking order. It can really help.

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