New puppy ❤️


Sep 24, 2020
This is my new boy Kane ❤️ I have been looking to get a new pup for about six months I was very specific about what I wanted I was sticking to my guns finally found a pup just to get a picture of this guy the day before I’m supposed to go pick up my puppy. Decided to go check him out although he was older than what I wanted (he is 13 weeks) as I have something very specific training wise and really wanted and needed a confident 8 week old not to mention I realllly wanted that baby puppy experience again as it’s been 2 decades since I have had it. Well next thing I knew I had him in my car although he’s older than I wanted and has extreme fear issues as he came from an abusive neglectful left to die situation. Two of his other siblings survived three of others were found dead next to him. He is going to be a ton of work due to his fear of so so many things. But the universe put us together and I will do everything I can to help him become a confident dog. I’ve only had them a week and a half and I was sick four of those days. But he is doing really well at his obedience and a few tricks he getting introduced to every animal I can get him near so far he’s friendly with everything and I will make sure it stays that way. I’ve trained dogs most of my life and the training for him Hass to be much different because of the abuse but I’m hopeful he will turn into what I strive for and was looking for a puppy for please give a big warm welcome to Kane
(Wish I could add video clips as he has some really cute ones showing how smart


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