New puppy dying of Parvo... (BOWEL MOVEMENT PICTURES WARNING)

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    Apr 28, 2009
    My 4 m/o Rat Terrier mix, Junie, was feeling under the weather about 36 hrs ago, so I went through the usual motions thinking she just got access to some chicken poop and/or parrot poop. She kept getting worse and had THE worst smelling feces. I took her to the vet today when she started getting covered in feces uncontrollably and was groaning. I am glad I did because she was dying right on the table and had a Parvo-positive result. They said she wouldn't have survived the night.

    When I told them I got her from a shelter, they think the shelter did not vaccinate her sufficiently as a "cost cutting measure." They told me not to blame myself...but now I have 4 more, including a Parvo-susceptible baby Rottie to worry about. I am so upset this happened. Did I mention the $800 vet bill to come? [​IMG] I am so mad and upset and worried about what will happen to her this weekend. I miss her so much.
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    There is a guarenteed product called parvo guard on the web for sale and they can overnight deliver it also if you catch it in time it really works. Its pretty expensive though. Sorry to hear about your loss:(
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    I am so sorry. That is very, very sad.
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    [​IMG] Nothing we can say can change how awful this is. I'm so sorry.
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    I am so, so sorry.
    Unfortunately these days many shelters are so overrun with animals that they take shortcuts.

    Please be sure to do some research on Parvo and take precautions around your house and home so none of your other babies get sick. If I recall correctly, Parvo can live in the soil for many months and still get transfered. You might want to investigate bleaching any areas your shelter pup had access to.

    Again, I feel for your loss and pain.
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    How long did you have her? Why in the world wasn't a 4 month old dog vaccinted? It should have had 3 vaccines by then! Parvo is nothing to play around your other animals closely...take them to the vet if they show any signs.
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    Parvo gets them really fast. So sorry to hear about this. Also keep in mind that Parvo lives in the ground for up to 1 year, and remains contagious.
    The feed stores sell a sevin-in-one shot. It's really cheap & covers about everything but rabies. It's not an after cure, but it will prevent any new dogs from getting it.
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    As environmentally unfriendly as it may sound, websites have said to clean with a 3:1 ratio of bleach water. It's better to kill the grass as opposed to infecting other dogs

    I've seen lower ratios listed, but if it were me I'd kill the grass at a 3:1. You can replace sod.

    Found this during a quick search:

    Dr. Silver of Pima Animal Control is the source for our medical information this issue.
    Q. How long does the Parvo virus survive in soil, grass, or sand?

    A. The Parvo Virus can be active and communicable for several months after its introduction into soil.

    Q. Can I treat an area with known Parvo exposure?

    A. Yes. Periodic treatment of the area with a 15:1 ratio of water to bleach solution can be sprayed on the area and will kill any active Parvo.
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    Jul 3, 2009
    I worked in a vet clinic for a couple of years and the "parvo" smell was like nothing else. I was not sure why the doc ran a test, the smell told the tale.

    Best of wishes for your family of dogs. Take care and I will think of them as the weekend goes along.
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    Quote:How is your pup doing? Is she going to be ok?

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