New quail hatches- A friend for Albert?

Discussion in 'Quail' started by Feather Hearts, Oct 17, 2016.

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    So for those of you who haven't heard of Albert he/she is a lonley little quail with a sad past[​IMG]To read about his past go to byc quail disaster. So I have fertile quail eggs (not sure if they'll all fit in the bator) once the guy we got the from heard how loneley Albert was he gave me six extra eggs. Will post pics later.[​IMG] PS if anyone is also having hatches post pics, names of quail, how many and more!
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    Can you candle quail eggs? They've been in the incubator for 6 days. Oh and here's the pics[​IMG]
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    This is what I do, not saying it's right but I don't candle quail eggs because it's difficult to see and I don't want to throw any viable ones, I also don't like touching/turning/taking them out of the incubator as much as possible.

    When I take them out of the turner for lockdown, I will sometimes toss some light feeling eggs that I candle to make certain there's nothing in there which is a lot easier two weeks in :p
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    What is the minumum and maximum days of hatching quail. I've heard the min is 15-16 is this right? Oh and what about the max. I'm not sure It's going to be a very good hatch as the powers been going out because it can't run the brooder and the incubator at the same time. When the power comes back on the bator's temp is usally 24 or 25 degrees celsius. Do you think the eggs will be ok?
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    I've unplugged the brooder so it should be fine now.
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    hey, really feather hearts quails and Albert[​IMG][​IMG]
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    I candle at five days and remove any that aren't fertile. It's pretty easy to tell by then which are fertile and which aren't. The rest I leave and don't candle again. I go into lockdown at day 14 and so far hatching has started almost exactly at the day 16 mark. I believe the longest I read any hatch going was 21 days. I would probably candle after day 18 and if there is movement and/or no blood rings I would just let them sit longer. Hatch times can vary a lot and will be affected by many different factors.
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    There are videos on YouTube about a lone quail called Albert. Just look up 'a chick called albert'. Quail eggs are hard to candle unless you have a very strong light. At 10 days you can do the float test. There's a thread on here about it - just search for it. Some eggs will wobble in the water at that stage. I did discover though that some of the floaters are unfertilised ones that are going off. It is easier than candling though, unless you have a strong light at your disposal.

    By the way, hi from NZ! Nice to find a local on here!

    We've been hatching a few quail chicks as ours are now 2 years old. Our broody bantams have been helping out. Out of about 50 eggs we've managed to hatch 9! They do say that fertility drops dramatically after they reach a year old. I have found that to be very true!

    We have Flower (who's turned out to be a boy), Spook who is my avitar currently though he's a month old now (and another boy), then we have 7 younger ones who started hatching last Thursday, Flutter, Wobbles (who was still damp and very wobbly when she first came out to eat, hence the name), Shrimpy, Fred or Frida (our daughter's leaving her options open!), Rarity, Dumpling, and one still waiting for a name - our daughter wants her cousin to name it.

    Flutter and Shrimpy




    Dumpling on the right

    And Rarity who I had to help hatch as our hen had to lift up so much for all the other busy babies that Rarity started drying out when she pipped. We also had to straighten some of her toes but by the next day when her boots fell off they were fine and straight.
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    So cute

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