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Nov 18, 2020
Thessaloniki, Greece
Hello from Greece. I have two male quails (one is white, it was a gift) and five females. I liked the idea of having my own egg production. At first I was afraid to touch them because I thought they would break! I had many animals but never birds. I started at the end of March with three, in fact with the courage of ignorance I immediately used an incubator I borrowed. I made a big cage on the balcony (1.6 x 0.60 because I do not have a garden and i wanted them to be happy). I made many mistakes and I have thousands of questions so I am looking for an information exchange community. In my country there is still not much interest in quails and I find it difficult to find answers to questions that for a farmer are usually not very important.Let's say why my male lost interest in females, how to make my favorite female trust me again and much more.I would appreciate any information and hope to post this on the right place (My English is not very good so I use the translator just to be sure).
Welcome to BYC from Arizona, USA! This is the place to be for all your chicken news, connections to helpful poultry folks and more!
Lots of good info on the Quail forum mentioned above - best wishes for you and your flock - we are glad you joined us here all the way from Greece!

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