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the lawsons

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Dec 25, 2011
NE Tennessee
Building this today with my little helper. Hope to finish today!
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Good start. What are the planned dimensions? How many quail do you plan to house? I'm new too and I've been brainstorming the pen I want to build. decisions decisions.
Overall it is 6ft x 3ft. I am going to split it into two 3 x 3 sections. Right now I have six hens and one rooster. I plan on getting another rooster and putting three hens to one rooster in each section. Right now I have them housed in an old rabbit hutch. I plan to use it as a grow out pen for the ones I hatch.
Defiantly off to a good start! Your little helper has done well

Just something to think about while you are at this phase in production. I'm slightly taller than 5.5" tall, and 2' is a real stretch for me, and I could never reach 3" to the far back of that pen with out a door on the back as well. Just something for you to test out for yourself, before you get everything wired up.
Your pen space is more than enough.
My helper gave up on me at lunch time. This is as far as I got on Saturday. Hope to finish this week. Also set my first six eggs in my incubator today!

That's a darling little helper you have there:) And the project look great! Would love to see the final pen when it's complete...
Be careful with the rabbit hutch. I've put quail in my old hutch and they have all died. I', not sure why but you may want to rethink that

Sorry that happened to you Idaho- Mine started in a rabbit hutch (scrubbed and bleached between) and had no health issues. This same hutch now houses a rabbit and 2 silkies and no troubles.

The biggest trouble I had was attempted escapes when the lid was lifted!
Finally finished!!!! Took longer than I thought but it will be worth it. Now if the rain will ever stop so I can carry it outside and get the birds in it.

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