New Quick Coop for chicken Im picking up tomorrow.

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  1. mommyoftwo

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    Mar 25, 2013
    I had an extra coop I was planning on putting the new chickens (3) in until allow them to be near my girls. The new ones I believe are RIR are about 20 weeks and my girls are 17/18 weeks. I was just going to put them in the same coop next to the big run and allow them to see each other thur a fence. But my rabbit cage fell apart (had 2 loose bunnies running around my yard) and had to put the rabbits in the coop tonight. So now I don't have a coop for the chickens. I have a stack of pallets that I was thinking of using. Can I just zip tie them together in a square and place a tarp over them? I was hoping only to keep them in their this week until I can place them with my coop with my 5 girls.
  2. GardenDave

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    Aug 5, 2013
    Personally I can't see it being a problem for temporary use. It'll be water proof and should keep the wind out so for just a week or so it should be fine, although I'd consider screws or nails to ensure as much stability as possible, instead of zip ties. It would probably be unsuitable for much longer than a week though mainly for cleanliness reasons. In between the gaps could be very difficult to clean and depending what wood it is bacteria could easily live and breed within it.

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