New Rapture Date Pack Your Bags

he's a false prophet..ugh..that man...

what makes me sad is that MANY of his followers quit their jobs, depleted their savings etc...THAT is very sad!
Oh no! I'm not listening to that whack job again! I still have laundry to do because I was sure he was right last time
Ok so I didn't think it was real at all but I did put off doing the laundry to long lol
I don't think it is sad, they are living the life that they believe and that is their choice. Just like it is our choice not to believe.

But on a lighter note......

I think I will take a trip around the world before the end......PARTY!!!!
well what I meant is that their savings is gone..their jobs were quit..
ETA: they interviewed some of the same ppl about it; and they were distraught about it all being gone..

not what they believe or IF/how they believe is sad....soo not what i mean
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I suppose they should have thought about what would happen if their Prophet miscalculated.....I mean, how stupid can you get to quit a job or throw away your life savings. I for one try to cover my arse for the 'just in case' scenarios!
These groups involve an awful lot of cult psychology and they are very good at manipulating people. There have been a lot of studies made on such things and the conclusions is they all use similar psychological tactics and they all are very, very successful at brainwashing people - PLUS - they are able to brainwash almost anyone - the person doesn't have to be 'dumb' or 'gullible', or 'crazy', even. It may seem really nuts to an outsider but these groups are so skilled at what they do that I am never surprised that people fall for this stuff.

I don't think these 'Believer Cults' really involve having a Plan B. Just like they tell you not to read anything other than what they publish or you will 'get confused'. By the time they get to that stage of the brain washing, the person is so well 'prepared' that he says, 'well, YEAH! You're right!'

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