New Roo from the SPCA!


12 Years
May 8, 2007
Sacramento, CA
I have a friend that volunteers at the SPCA and she kept telling me about this rooster that they picked up. First she said she thought he was a banty, and i didn't want a little rooster. I have big hens. She kept asking me to just go look at him, but I had my heart set on a Golden Phoenix, but when it became obvious that I was not going to be able to find one of those in my area, I said "ok, let's go look".
He had been living in a 6x6 dog kennel there for a month, so he was alreay quarantined. I went in and sat down on the ground and he just walked right over to me! He was happy to let me pick him up and pet him! I asked what the adoption fee was, cuz I wasn't paying big bucks for a rooster, and they just gave him to me!
I have no idea what he is, but I think he's beautiful and so friendly I couldn't pass him up.

He got his but kicked pretty good right out of the shoot, so he lived in a cage in the coop with the girls for about a week. We let him out to freerange with the girls after a couple of days and put in back in the cage at night. Now he's part of the flock and enjoying his 22 wives! Still very mellow with us and perfctly happy to be picked up and carried around, but I did have to pull him off of my 105lb lab when he felt she got too close to the hens!

His name is King Louis. Does anyone have an idea of what kind of roo King Louis is?
There were 13 feral roos and one hen at my grandparents and uncle one time, and animal contral was going to pick them up because the nieghbors were complaining. My grandpa liked them since when he was a kid he had 2,000 chickens. So they told me before animal contral gets there I can have as many as I want so I picked out my favourite three. The one rooster I got looked just like yours he was real docile. I think he was a rose comb dark brown leghorn.
( I think these roosters were used for cock fighting )
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