New Roo Introductionto 'the girls' question


12 Years
Apr 4, 2007
West Lafayette, IN
what is best way to aclimate your new roo to your place and to the girls?

I bought a 1 year old RIR roo. Spurs were pretty long(my 1 yr australorp didn't have near the spur length).

Any thing special to do?
I would trim those spurs for one. And if you can separate your run so they could see each other thru the fence that would give them a chance to get to know each other. You can get the spurs to be much shorter over time. Just clip back regularly till you are just about to the dark area and over time it will receede.
Spurs don't recede, you have to keep trimming them as they grow out. You can find out information on trimming HERE . As for putting them together, putting a rooster with hens is usually not a problem as he will only have one thing on his mind, lol, but if you feel the need to introduce him easy like, try waiting until dark, when the birds are good and set on the roost, and put the rooster on the roost with them, and when they wake up together in the morning, they won't be as aggressive with each other. Good luck!
Oh do not just put that roo in with your hens unless you are willing to risk every single one of them dying from disease or illness.

Please read this first.

Please keep a new roo or any chicken for that matter away from your main flock for at least 4 - 6 weeks. Not even in the same building as your flock. Away as far as you can get from your flock. Tend your flock first. Then tend the second. Good biosecurity means healthy happy flocks!

Do trim the spurs. Those long spurs could rip your hens to shreds and then you'll have another mess on your hands.

Once you do finally integrate him with your hens it may take awhile before the accept him. Hens can be mean and picky. He might have to earn the right to service them.
Yes MissPrissy, that is good advice, and I forgot to mention it because it is a given in my! That's one thing that a lot of people over look. Good bio-security is the most important thing you can do, period.
Excellent post.

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