New Rooster - Gender/Age help?


Oct 5, 2017
We had a random rooster join our flock and no one has claimed him. Anyone have an idea on breed and age?


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Hi, hope you are enjoying BYC! :frow

He is a pretty boy. :love

Not sure on breed... but pretty sure he is under a year according to the size of his spurs. But there might be shadows playing tricks on me. Can you get a closer pic of the feet?

According to the tail feather quality... there were plenty of chicken antics at his previous home. It looks like flock dynamics anyways. Wouldn't hurt to check him for bugs.

And his color might be mille fleur and that looks like it might be a pea comb.... Just stating some clues. :)
He's probably around a year old. He looks fully mature, but the feet and legs are smooth. Breed is tough to tell. Unless I'm seeing the picture wrong it looks like he might have an extra toe. So he possibly has some Silkie blood but he's more game bantam in type. Probably some spangled Old English game bantam involved.
Thank you guys so much! I will get a close up of him this afternoon when I have better light. He seems friendly I just hope he’s not carrying any bugs or sickness that might infect my ladies.

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