New Rooster- possible mites?

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    Feb 23, 2011
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    DH brought home a new rooster last night (I knew it was coming, but had forgotten about it!). I have him in a large wire dog crate in my garage until I can give him a clean bill of health to be release with my other chickens. There is quite a bit of "talking" going on between him and my other roosters this morning... [​IMG] Anyway...

    Here are a couple pics of his legs- I'm wondering if he has mites, or if he's just "peeling". He was a free range rooster, and I don't know what they were feeding him or how much he was getting. Any help would be appreciated! I think he's a Sex Link roo... not sure how old.




  2. jjthink

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    Treat his legs/toes with Bagbalm if you have it or can get it. (some feed stores carry). There are aother alternatives if you can't get it but this stuff works beautifully. Will be good for him no matter the cause of the scaling.

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    poor guy! looks like scaley leg mites, smother them with vasaline. Looks painful hes handsome though [​IMG]
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    In addition to the scaley leg mites, thoroughly inspect him for lice and mites...especially around the vent area and at the base of his tail feathers. Check for bumblefoot as well. I recommend Nu-Stock for those legs, it comes in a tube and can be found at your feed store.

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