new rooster


9 Years
Mar 25, 2010
i am introducing a new man to my flock. There is no other rooster. What is the best way to introduce him?? just put him in with the girls? keep him separate but visible for a while - how long?? what sort of conflict should I expect? I got rid of a mean roo but determined that the flock seemed to need the dominant figure.
I have this same situation, same question. Won't be introducing until early fall, tho'. So I am interested also in what people have to offer

I would quarantine him for a month to make sure he's healthy. Then simply add him to the flock. If you free range let him out when the girls are out. That's what I did & it was all good.
I am not that experienced, so perhaps you shouldn't listen to me. I brought home a little guy one evening and the girls gave him the evil eye. I took him back to the store and got the BIG expensive rooster. Being totally ignorant, I just let him out of the box in the open yard and he followed me around -- very full of himself. There was no problem with the girls. In retrospect I should have separated him to ensure he was healthy but I knew the person I bought him from.
In sum, I just let him out and they all worked it out for themselves. No problems of any sort -- including him running off.

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