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    Apr 29, 2012
    I have 12 hens and one bantam rooster. We use to have a a Polish rooster, but he was attacking me and my children so we rehomed him to a new childless home. I asked my fellow chicken friends if they had any roosters for sale that had better dispositions. I received 1 sizzle, 1 necked neck frizzle and my daughter bought a Cochin at a swap meet. The first two are over 7 months and I don't know about the Cochin. My plan is to keep the two best roostes and sell or give away the one who does not work out. Right now the roosters are in a pen by themselves and the hens are in another. I let the hens free range several hours a day, as long as I am out there with them. We have a serious hawk problem. My question is when and how do I introduce the roosters to the hens. The roosters can see the hens. Do I let them out one at a time? How long should they stay in the rooster pen? Any suggestions are appreciated.

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