New show pair of Australian spotted ducks

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    Here is our new show quality pair of blue head australian spotted ducks. We just got them yesterday. Today was their first day venturing the fenced in coop and with no surprise went straight to the water haha. They are lovely ducks. We got them from duck creek farm who is with holderread ducks. They're a bit skittish right now but should become comfortable soon enough. We are dedicating their own duck housing to improve chances of getting some ducklings out of them. They were born this past spring so are hoping for some babies next spring and are hoping to get some silverheads out of them. If anyone has any special tips or tricks for this type of duck please feel free to share. Surprisingly the ducklings have been more aggressive towards them then I expected. They're 3.5 week old ducklings and the leader of the pack isn't exactly just welcoming them in with open hands haha but it's not serious. Also I Still haven't had much luck with them eating yet. Put them on a 16 percent Flock raiser pellet for now. Duck creek farms said they had them on a waterfowl and maintainer pellet so am trying to stick with that. Looking to get them on mazuri waterfowl feed I'm thinking. I will keep this post updated as time goes on. Thank you for looking. :)

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    :love @ThreeWillows
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    They are lovely, Congrats!!
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