New siding ideas for our coop: Warm weather concerns

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    Sep 23, 2015
    We live in Missouri and though it is cold outside now, I've been thinking about what is going to happen to my chickens when it gets hot and muggy. I have a couple considerations when it comes to the siding for my coop. Our coop was built by converting the back third of my lightly-used detached garage with a wall. My garage has the old school particle board layered siding and no insulation. My first concern is the siding itself seems to almost conduct heat. On a normal warm (not overly hot) day getting within two feet of that wall from the inside is like getting close to a wood stove that has been well stoked. Truly hot days are even worse. We have pretty warm muggy summers here and in addition to the usual tricks to keep chickens cool I would like to replace this worthless siding. My other more pressing problem with the siding is that our girls are pecking it to pieces on the outside where their run meets the wall. I know chickens will eat just about anything and I can't imagine that bits of particle board are a good source of fiber or healthy for them. I need something they can't destroy and that wont conduct so much heat in the sun. Suggestions please!
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    Either insulate it or put up some shade cloth?

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