New silkie baby....WITH 6 TOES??????? PIC'S!!!!!!!!!


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Apr 22, 2009
New Castle, Indiana
Check this out....



one out of the 4 silkie babies i ordered came with a crazy looking toe. They will not's one big toe!! Does this happen alot with the sikies?? These are my first. Wonder what i should call it since it's sorta special now?
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Yes that is possible. I hatched out my own chicks and one of them had six toes on both feet. I could guess who the father was because one of my roosters' extra toe had two claws on it.

ETA: The chick was a SilkiexSebright cross, not a purebred. Though I did hatch 3 white silkies and each had the normal five toes.
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That is weird--
(please dont bash me here- not my families fault). I have seen chicks with 2 and 3 heads that didnt live very long poor things
I think it was because the eggs we purchase had been so inbred they didnt stand a chance.
Needless to say never bought there again at all. Plus they wasnt even double yolk to boot- which we NEVER set double yokers- ever.

But I havent seen the 6 toes before.
That is very educational tool (pics) - thank you for sharing.
i know right!!!! I just noticed another one of my silkies had a weird indention on his nose now. Man this is makeing me upset...of the 4 silkies i ordered..2 are should i call the hatchery? I think they had a bad batch of silkies.

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