New silkie not laying as much as she should?


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Jul 4, 2018
On Monday (11/12/18) I brought in two new silkies, one of which is of laying age. On Thursday (11/22) she laid an egg, which was super small and had a few tiny streaks of blood. Since she's a new layer and was just introduced to a new environment, I wasn't surprised by either of those things, but now it's Sunday, and she hasn't played another egg.

She hasn't been acting strange, I don't think, but I haven't known her for that long :)

I didn't have oyster shell to give her until today, but I doubt that would've caused her to not lay entirely. How long should it be before I get really worried? Is it normal for young hens to not lay as frequently?

I'm going out of town for a week today, and I have a friend watching them. Anything I need to know?


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Being introduced into a new environment can interfere with egg laying. Also it may be coincidental with the shortening days which also will affect egg laying.

You need to be patient and give them time to adjust or be aware that you may need to wait until after January when the days will begin to lengthen again.

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