New Silkie question!


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May 16, 2011
I need help!

This isn't my first time raising chicks, but it is my first time raising chicks of different ages.

Back story: On Good Friday (1.5weeks ago) I was at a giant flea market. I then saw a man... with some ducks. Naturally I went over for a little visit being the animal lover that I am. And here in this box is a single silkie peep. He stated that that little one wasn't even supposed to come that day. It was an impulse buy. Mostly because I had been looking for a new silkie (all the silkies I raise end up being male so I had high hopes that this was some kind of meant to be situation considering it was the only one and i happened to be there.) So here we go.

About 5 weeks prior to that day, I had gotten 6 peeps from tractor supply (golden comet and tetra tints) so I worried about this silkie being alone with the age and size difference I couldn't put it in the brooder with them. Could I? So. Once I got home I put it in its own little brooder. Cried it's head off. Rushed to this site and got some suggestions for lone chicks. Nothing worked. So it just sat in my pocket and slept in a little pouch beside my bed for a few nights (which worried me because I feared she wasn't warm enough - it survived though) Finally I couldn't take it anymore. I needed to get things done around the house and having a peep in my pocket wasn't working.. especially when I had to go to the store. Finally I got the bright idea to put it in a small cage thing inside the brooder with the other chicks (don't know why I didn't think of this the first day.) And there was silence. They have been together like that for a week. And all has been good. EXCEPT. the bigger peeps go outside during the day because they are kind of too big for the brooder now and it gets cramped so they have their own little setup outside. So Elsa (my silkie - hoping its a girl) cries all day long while they are outside.

What do I do?! I need suggestions. Should I finally put Elsa with the big peeps (there is still a big size difference that worries me)? Should she go everywhere they go? Any suggestions!

This is Elsa!

P.s. How old do you think Elsa is? I didn't think to ask the guy. I'm thinking 2 weeks?
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Jun 24, 2012
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With one of my chicks that cried a lot, I made a 'fake hen' for it out of a cloth and I folded it over making a kind of tunnel and the chick just sat in it happily. But I'm not sure what else would work except for getting another chick the same age. Putting elsa with the older chicks could cause her to be injured, they may pick on her, or they might not. You could see how they act with her inside the brooder (take her out the cage) but she still needs heat so by going outside she might get cold. She's really cute btw, good luck!:)
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