New Silkie - toes turned in. Fixing Minion's feet

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  1. This was the last Silkie to hatch and he had a hard time. I had to score his egg with a file for him to pip. Pretty sure he would not have come out had I not. Anyway his right leg is much more turned in that the left and he was just sliding around and not walking. He was just born today mid -morning. I read and saw a vid on making chick shoes so I gave it a go. First I tried using tape and thin card board off a dvd outer case...WAY too much for him. Then I found a vid on youtube showing to only use band aides. I used my Minion Band Aides (hence his new name) and it does look like it may just MAY work. I put him with his sibling and OF COURSE they attacked his feet trying to rescue him from the foot monster... so i put him a clear plastic container and put him in it and put him back with his family. He could not get traction with either paper nor the bottom plain. I So I took my duck tape fixes EVERYTHING.... and made "rumble strips" across and making a thick high wrinkle in the middle of each strip so he could use that as leverage to move around. It seems to be working.... (wait, let me not jinx that by patting myself on the head yet) He seems to be figuring it out. I won't put food or water in it today (since he was just born hours ago he does NOT need it today) to give him a chance at resting and learning to walk all over again... Anyway, let me start my new adventure : fixing Minion's feet. (not sure why it posted the same pic twice but I don't see a way to delete one....) turned1.jpg turned1.jpg

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    hey he seems to have made it out alright thinks you head and tails of the goal
    appears to be moving around now
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  4. He seems to be able to move some now, not easy though. He wants to keep his right leg tucked but this may make him use it...hopefully
  5. silkie4.jpg
  6. You can see the "rumble strips" I made to give him traction... he was lonely so I put the other next to last chick in with him. silkie5.jpg
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    So cute. Very creative
  8. I don't know if the little guy has the fight to make it. He is depressed. I have a friend with him but he won't TRY. I will work with him until I have to leave for work today. I will give it every go but some of it has to come from HIM. He has to WANT to do it. Now I am depressed... he is a very beautiful Silkie....a sad ball of floof.
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  9. He is really not interested in food or water. I am trying to use a dropper to try and get drop by drop in him but he is not interested in it. I have dipped his beak in a shot glass with water. The water has electrolytes and probiotics in it also. I put him in a tall sided dish and put a shop rag in it and have him where he can sit up correctly. Hoping that will help stretch out those tendons....
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    Remember that your little one was born with a belly full of yolk to keep him going so can go without food or water for a couple of days. Picking up crumbles and dropping them in front of him, even making a high pitched 'bok, bok' noise, may encourage him to give it a try. How's he doing for temperature in his enclosure? He needs to be good and warm in order to have the energy to respond well.....95 F at this stage. Are you able to get any Nutri Drench? It's a fabulous 'pick me up'....just run a couple of drops down the 'crack' of his beak and let him lap it in. It's been the saviour of many a weakened chick. In a pinch, a drop of honey with do....instant sugar fix! A couple of gentle stretches of his leg, allowing him to pull against you, every hour or so will help strengthen his legs too....and I do mean GENTLE. Right now though, he probably just needs some rest. He had a hard time hatching, wore himself out with that and is struggling to walk....all sapping his energy. There's a fine line between helping him to strengthen ad wearing him out even more and that line will have to be at your judgement call. Good luck and keep us updated xx

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