New silkies! Can you help me figure out the colors?


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Mar 1, 2011
Hi guys! I've been lurking for quite a while and have just received my bantams in the mail. I'm very excited but am having a terrible time figuring out the colors.

This was my order from My Pet Chicken (Meyer Hatchery-I got my bantams sexed--I'll tell you how well they did when I know):

1 Assorted Bantams
2 Assorted Silkie Bantams
2 Assorted Feather-Legged Bantams

All have feathered legs and five toes. All legs are black except "yellow". I think all five are silkies. If they aren't I think the yellow one might be something else with feathered legs (but she has black skin so I don't think so). Please help me, it would be much appreciated. I have guesses but I'm not 100%

I don't want my guesses to influence anyone (as I am so new I am probably wrong and I change my mind every five minutes.) so I am leaving them out.

The last picture is of "yellow" (I am labeling them by color for now because I am weighing and photographing them every day). I have yellow, grey, black, mix, and brown.

Thank you for any guesses.

This is "mixed" as I currently call her. She is white with grey on her head. You can barely see it on the top and left said of her head. She is the smallest at 5/8 oz.

Mix by minor_danger, on Flickr

This is "brown" and she has chipmunk stripes. I'm limiting myself to one pic each so it isn't too pic heavy. You cannot see her white throat from this pic but it is there. She's the loudest.

Brown by minor_danger, on Flickr

This is "grey" and she is lovely.

Grey by minor_danger, on Flickr

This is "black" and she has tiny white flecks on her wing. She's the first to get into anything.

Black by minor_danger, on Flickr

This is "yellow" and she's the largest @ 1 full oz. She is the only one that I possibly question being a silkie because she is the largest and just doesn't seem like the others. She also has grey legs instead of black.

Yellow by minor_danger, on Flickr

This is "yellow" giving me a heart attack because I thought she was stuck and died. She was just snoozing and disapproved of me "rescuing" her.

"Yellow" by minor_danger, on Flickr
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Sorry can't help with colours but that last pic is hilarious!
My guess is
1= Light Splash
2= Partridge
3= Dark Gray
4= Black
5= White

(All white silkies are born yellow)

Love that last pic!
This is what I think:

1 Blue (She has a tad of grey on her head which makes me think maybe blue. She's too white in my opinion to be a white. I kinda expect more yellow)
2 Partridge
3 Blue
4 Black (or maybe a dark blue but I think black 90%)
5 White? (I was thinking buff over white because she has a slight pinkish tinge on her back, of course I could be wrong because she has NO black marks or splotches so now I think white again)

Thanks everyone so far for the replies. Any more guesses?
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