New Silver Sebrights, breeding?

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    Apr 30, 2010
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    The barber that cuts my son's hair learned that we had chickens. I got to talking about Sebrights and he asked if I wanted any. I went to his farm and he gave me 4 one mature roo and three pullets. One of the hens is already laying and I took a friend 5 eggs for his broody Silkie. Hopefully I can breed some decent birds out. The Sebrights are Silver and each hen has a good quality. The roos comb and lacing is decent I think. The hens all have one bad trait but I think I can breed out some decent birds. One hen has good lacing the other has good feet color and the other one has decent tail feathers but too dark on the head. Any advice welcome. Hopefully the eggs will hatch and I can see what I am up against.
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