NEW SIMPTOM!! HELP!!! clear slimy liquid ozzing out of mouth!!!


9 Years
May 11, 2010
egg bound hen, egg broken inside!! PLZ help!!! well this sort of thing happins to her a lot, shes realy old, 11 this year, her name is Golden Ticket and she lays a soft shell egg about once a month, and she always needs some asistance. i take her inside, put her under a heat lamp, give her water and a clean towel to sit on. i rub a little olive oil on her vent and it pops out in about half an hour. well, i was sick yesterday, so my mom locked in the chickens. I gues she didnt check to see if every1 was there like i do, so we didnt know anything was rong. i felt better this morning, so i let the chickens out. low and behold, little old Goldy wasnt there! i looked everywhere and finaly found her in a tree, looking like she was about to fall off. i looked her over and heres what i found: wings drooping to the ground, small bald patch on head, swolen, red vent. her vent had all sorts of egg stuff driping out, little bits of yolk and egg white. so i cleaned her up and did what i normaly do. it looks realy bad this time though, im scared, we got her when i was realy little and she has been my best friend everr since. any info would help, thanks! oh, and she is a bantam if that helps. AHHH!!!!! UPDATE!!!!!! clear slimy liquid ozzing from beak!!! PPPPPLLLLLLZZZZZ HELP!!!!!!!!
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